The Water Supply of Baku.

Issue 19 and Volume 49.

The Water Supply of Baku. A British firm, Griffiths & Co., contractors, have secured a very large engineering contract in the Russian Caucasus. The town authorities of the Caspian seaport Baku desire to improve the water supply of the town by bringing it from the mountains 120 miles away. This, of course, is a great engineering undertaking, and when completed the duet will probably be the longest water conduit in the world. The estimated cost is $6,765,000 for the construction of the measuring tanks and the conduit alone. The source of the water supply lies in a series of deep bores in the range of hills 120 miles north of Baku. In many cases these springs are artesian with the water rising as much as 15 feet above the surface This initial supply will he collected by a series of small conduits to a measuring chamber about a mile from…

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