Issue 19 and Volume 49.

CONFLAGRATION SWEEPS BANGOR, ME. Fire starling at 4 p. m. Sunday, April 30, on Broad and Union streets, close by the junction of the Penobscott river and Kenduskeag stream, which divides the city of Bangor, Me., swept northward, fanned by a stiff southerly breeze, wiping out practically all the business district and public buildings and had consumed the best residential district on the northern side before it could be subdued. the efforts of the fire department, under Chief W. S. Mason, from the time the fire started, were absolutely futile until midnight, when rain somewhat checked the progress of the flames. The fire swept north along Broad street, then jumped the Kenduskeag stream, running along on the western bank along Exchange street. Property valued at upward of $4,000,000 was destroyed and one hundred families were made homeless. One life is known to have been lost, an unknown man being killed…

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