Eagle Mills Has $30,000 Fire.

Issue 20 and Volume 49.

Eagle Mills Has $30,000 Fire. In preparing for the solemn service of baptism with water in the Church of Christ, at Eagle Mills, N. Y., on Sunday, May 7, the foundation for the worst fire in the history of the hamlet was laid. A gasoline torch had been placed under the pipes of the baptismal font to heat the water for the services in the evening. In some way the gasoline became ignited and ex ploded, throwing burning gasoline to several points in the church. It was at the close of the morning service, and Andrew Mullin and the pastor, Rev. H. H. Nesslage, were still in the room. They made a heroic effort to stamp out the flames, but the fire speedily outran them, and in a twinkling the church was doomed. Hundreds had been called out by the cries of “Fire!” and it was only when the roof…

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