Issue 20 and Volume 49.

Meterage. Holyoke, Mass, last year set 33 new meters, making 373 now in use. San Diego, Cal., has 1,945 meters on its water system, and is increasing in number each year. Ninety-one metered services are in use in Middletown. Conn., at the present time and the amount of water as registered passing through the meters last year was 132,000,000 gallons. Because of the large quantity necessary to supply the city of Hornell. N. Y., the fire prevention committee of the National Board of Underwriters has recommended the adoption of meters. At a recent meeting of the city council of Manchester, Ia., the water committee was instructed to purchase 400 meters, to be installed soon. All users of city water will be placed on the meter system, and the Hat rate will be abolished as soon as the meters are installed. The city waterworks department of Nashville. Tentt.. has commenced the…

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