Issue 20 and Volume 49.

EVOLUTION IN FIRE APPARATUS (Written for Fire and Water Engineering.) Three times the American fire service has been revolutionized since its first company was organized, 223 years ago. It is now being revolutionized for the fourth time by motor-driven and operated apparatus superseding horsedrawn and steam-operated apparatus. The first time it was revolutionized was when hose came into existence and suction engines were invented, in 1822, which put an end to the old buckel and goose-neck hand engines, which had existed for centuries. The second time was when steam fire engines were made successful, in 1853. The third time was when aerial ladder trucks, chemical engines, water towers, and other improved apparatus and appliances came into general use, and the method of fire department government was changed from that of the volunteer hand engine system to the paid steam fire engine custom of the present time as a result of…

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