Sources of Pure Water.

Issue 21 and Volume 49.

Sources of Pure Water. At a dinner of the Medical Union, the oldest medical society in Buffalo, at the Saturn Club recently. Dr. J. L. Leal, of New York, a water expert, delivered an address on the methods of purification of water. Dr. Leal first referred to the necessity of having wholesome drinking water because of the important part it takes in human economy. He then pointed out the impossibility of finding pure water supplied by nature. Water derived from condensation, in the form of rain and snow, becomes contaminated before it reaches the earth and more so as it flows along the surface of the ground. Passing into the earth it becomes known as ground water and usually reaches a high degree of purity, but here, too, there is danger through too rapid displacement of the water, or by reason of crevices of bringing it to wells and springs…

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