Niagara Falls Votes for New Waterworks.

Issue 22 and Volume 49.

Niagara Falls Votes for New Waterworks. The taxpayers of Niagara Falls, N. Y., have registered an overwhelming plurality for the firewater propositions, involving an expenditure of more than $400,000. Of all the 6,000 taxpayers qualified to pass on the water proposition there were only 48 that were recorded as against it. Never before in the city’s history have the people stood so as a unit on any public question. The reason is not hard to seek: the people believe in the justice of the attitude taken by the Water Commission. They believe that the members of the commission did all in their power to arrive at a fair agreement with the Western New York Water Company. The water election was the big event of the day; but the fire proposition was little behind it in importance. For the approval given by the taxpayers to the expenditure of $12,500 for the…

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