Issue 22 and Volume 49.

Personal. Will J. Sando, so well known to those engaged in waterworks practice as an expert pumping engineer, has established himself as consulting engineer with headquarters at Milwaukee. From the scientific and practical knowledge possessed by Mr. Sando, especially connected with pumping machinery, there seems little doubt that his advice on important engineering questions will prove valuable to those requiring professional assistance. James M. Caird, the well-known water analysis expert of Troy, N. Y., has been engaged to take charge of the operation of the filtration plant at Wilkinsburg, Penn., which has a daily capacity of 10,000,000 gallons. Mr. Caird has assumed charge of the plant, and Joseph Sheary, also of Troy, a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute man, will be in direct charge of the plant as resident chemist. In this connection it is of interest to note that Mr. Caird has fourteen Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute men located in various parts…

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