Per Capita Fire Loss at Springfield.

Issue 23 and Volume 49.

Per Capita Fire Loss at Springfield. The report of the committee on statistics oi the national board of fire underwriters for the year 1910 shows that the loss from fires per capita in Springfield, Mass., was higher than the average for all cities in the United States having a population of 20,000 or more. The unenviable record made by this city is largely clue to the three or four bad fires which took place near the end of the year, chief among them being the Springfield News Company fire. Springfield. with a population of 88.920, showed a total fire loss during the year 1910 of $216,978 as compared with only $20,492 in York, England, a city whose population is given as 89,320. The population of the English city is much more densely settled than in Springfield, its area being only 5.76 square miles, while Springfield’s area is about 37 square…

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