The Edinburgh Theatre Fire.

Issue 25 and Volume 49.

The Edinburgh Theatre Fire. On May 9, a fire broke out on the stage at the Empire Music Hall, Edinburgh, during the performance of the illusionist Lafayette. The fireproof curtain was lowered, but owing to an obstruction, did not shut completely down, and smoke and fumes passed into the auditorium. The orchestra stuck to their posts until the heat became unbearable, and played while the audience filed out without panic or excitement. A few women fainted and were carried out by male members of the audience, not a single person in the front of the house being seriously injured. Behind the scenes, however, a terrible tragedy occurred. No less than nine persons were trapped and either suffocated or burnt to death. Lafayette was amongst the victims. A curious feature of the case was that Lafayette had a “double,” who was also killed, and the body of the man was mistaken…

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