Newly Elected Chiefs.

Issue 25 and Volume 49.

Newly Elected Chiefs. A. E. Fuller, Madison, S. D. W. H. Poston, Pomona, Cal. T. C. McLeod, Fenton, Mich. H. A. Butler, Stockton, Kans. Pearl Smith, Madison, Ill. E. H. Hart, Owego, N. Y. Angus Detwiler, Oxford, Mich. C. F. Johnson, Stephen, Minn. M. E. Hine, Avon, N. Y. G. J. Johnson, Corsica, S. D. A. W. Stephens, Preston, Idaho. Geo. Ottinger, Jamestown, N. D. Geo. Taylor, Clear Lake, S. D. *Vick Holmes, Wymore, Neb. R. K. Gronau, Alexandria. Va. W. B. Roffc. Mill Hall, Pa. Dare Lawrence. Lock Haven. Pa. W. L. Carter. Nevada City, Cal. W. P. Walker, Jailing, Tex. *Re-elected.

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