A Celebrated Fire Horse 33 Years Old.

Issue 25 and Volume 49.

A Celebrated Fire Horse 33 Years Old. A Kansas City, Mo., paper gives the following interesting account of a celebrated old fire horse: Old Dan, Kansas City’s famous white fire horse, is rounding out his 33d year, according to the best figures one-time Chief George C. Hale is able to obtain. This famous animal, which, with his white brother and running mate, Joe, was largely responsible for the fame required by the Kansas City fire-fighters during their foreign trip in 1893, is pensioned and out on pasture in Swope Park. By a resolution introduced in the city council by W. Y. Morgan 15 years ago, Dan was relieved from further duties, and special orders were given that no one be permitted to make him do the lightest work. “Let not a strap touch his hack,” pleaded Mr, Morgan. He had his wish. Only once, last fall, during a fair at…

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