Civil Service Catechism in Tacoma.

Issue 25 and Volume 49.

Civil Service Catechism in Tacoma. Following are some of the questions candidates for promotion to position of captain in the Spokane, Wash., fire department were required to answer at the recent civil service examination. If while on the way to respond to a fire alarm, you should discover another fire, what would you do? How should a building be equipped with fire appliances under existing building ordinances? If a line of hose stretched over the roof of a six-story building bursts in a section on top of the building, what would you do and how? What would you do if it burst between the ground and the roof? Suppose you were answering an alarm from telephone in an unpaved district, and when within one block of the lire the hose wagon should become stuck in the mud, what would you do? What conditions should govern a captain in ventilating a…

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