Good Showing for Meters at Houston.

Issue 25 and Volume 49.

Good Showing for Meters at Houston. The following figures, taken from the waterworks report of Houston, Tex., forms one of the strongest arguments in favor of meterage that has been received up to this time. It shows that there was a net gain of 2,912 meters set during the year ended Feb. 28, 1911, out of 4,553 meters in service on that date. The pumpage per day in 1910 was 11.000,900 gallons, against 5,000.000 gallons pumped in 1911, while more than 12 per cent, more consumers were supplied at the end of the year Feb. 28, 1911. The increase in revenue over last year was $14,576.13, and decrease in operating expenses over last year $11,761.58. The per capita pumpage in 1906 was 155 gallons, and the per capita pumpage Feb. 28, 1911. 50 gallons. The selling price of water for the year ended Feb. 28, 1910, was 30 cents per…

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