Artesian Waters in Australia.

Issue 25 and Volume 49.

Artesian Waters in Australia. An interesting discovery, which has been exciting much attention in Australia, is a method of correcting the toxic tendencies of alkaline artesian waters and thus rendering them valuable for agricultural irrigation by utilizing nitric acid to overcome the alkalinity of the water. A series of experiments have been carried out in the artesian area of New South Wales by R. S. Symmonds, agricultural chemist, to ascertain the effects of applying nitric acid to soils impregnated with carbonate of soda from artesian water. The results achieved have been astonishingly successful and seem to justify the hope that vast areas of Australia where artesian water can be obtained by boring, but is ordinarily so alakline as to injure the soil, can he made in the future capable of yielding large crops. The artesian area of Australia is estimated at over 640,090 square miles, of which 376,000 are in…

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