Water Supply for Staten Island.

Issue 25 and Volume 49.

Water Supply for Staten Island. Alfred D. Flinn, engineer of the water department, has given out some information concerning the water supply for Staten Island. He was understood to state that, when the gigantic aqueduct reaches Manhattan Island, it will bore through solid rock all the way to Brooklyn. Then there will be two 66-inch mains carrying the water southward, and from the Brooklyn shore there wil be two 36-inch mains running under the bay to Staten Island. It is planned that these two mains shall lie some distance apart, so that a breakage in one, if anything of that sort were possible, would not affect the other. These mains will carry the water to the foot of Anietta street. Tompkinsville, and so through 48inch mains up Richmond Turnpike to Silver lake. The reservoir will he a natural one, with sufficient excavation and reinforcement and use of earth and cement…

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