Chief Joseph E. Sloan of Newark.

Issue 26 and Volume 49.

Chief Joseph E. Sloan of Newark. Herewith is presented a very Rood photograph of Joseph E. Sloan, the new chief of the Newark, N.J. fire department. If 14 years at fighting tires does not entitle a man to the highest office in the department, the question may be asked. “What does?” Chief Sloan knows what it is to work up from the bottom, through all the various grades of a fireman until the goal is attained, and the fact that his gradual advancement was strictly on merit and not due to political favoritism, must afford him unalloyed satisfaction. Chief Sloan joined the Newark fire department on May 3, 1867, as a call man attached to Engine Company No. 4; July 28, 1873, he was transferred to Engine 9, as driver of hose cart; on June 1. 1879, he was made driver of engine. When the office of captain was created…

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