The Richmond, Ind., Water System.

Issue 26 and Volume 49.

The Richmond, Ind., Water System. Upon the question of free water for the city s use, more than any other will be determined the acceptance of a bid to furnish Richmond, Ind., a waterworks system and supply. The bids containing proposed contracts have been submitted to the Board of Public Works. The Richmond City Waterworks Company, which now holds a franchise and contract that expires next year, and the Edwin M. Campfield Company, E. M. Campfield, resident engineer, submitted bids. The first-named company has existed and operated the water supply system since 1884. The Campfield company appears as a new one. The Richmond city waterworks company’s proposal specifies : Fire hydrant rental $50 per annum, a reduction of $5 from present rate. Domestic rates remain practically the same as now. No rental required for domestic meters. No free water for city’s use except fire extinguishment, all water consumed to be…

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