Issue 26 and Volume 49.

Leadite. A discussion on the subject, Leadite, at the recent meeting of the American Waterworks Association. proved interesting as shown by the large number of members who took part in it. Following is a brief abstract of what was said on the subject : Mr. Metcalf.— I had one experience with leadite at Concord, Mass., where we used it very successfully on a line from the reservoir, not under great pressure, coming down into the town. The maximum pressure may have been .35 or 40 pounds, perhaps. It resulted in a marked saving, because the trench was very wet and went below the ground water level the greater part of the way. I have been very much puzzled by the diversity of experiences in the use of leadite. The use of leadite by the Pennsylvania Water Company at Wilkinshurg has undoubtedly been very successful, and has undoubtedly resulted in a…

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