Issue 4 and Volume 50.

THE FIRE NATION It is with a feeling of considerable diffidence that I venture before this distinguished audience of scientific fire protectionists for the purpose of making protest, as the representative of my great organization, against the extravagant offerings which the American people are daily making upon the altar of Vulcan. In casting about for a subject, I accidentally discovered that the French, at the time they with several other nations, were venturing upon the soil of newly discovered America, fell in with a tribe of Algonquin Indians, whose speciality must have been juggling with fire, for the French promptly christened them “The hire Nation.” While ;t is said that that tribe is practically extinct, I believe there must be a strain of their blood filtering through the veins of us Americans, for today it would be proper that we be known as “The Fire Nation,” outstripping as we do…

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