Duties of Fire Marshals.

Issue 4 and Volume 50.

Duties of Fire Marshals. State Fire Marshal Inglih, of Texas, has forwarded letters of instruction to fire marshals of the state as follows: “In response to your request recently made for advice as to the duties of a city fire marshal under the provisions of the ordinance recommended to cities and towns in Texas by the state insurance board, and for the adoption and enforcement of which ordinance a key rate, credit is allowed, you are respectfully advised that the intent in drafting the ordinance was to clothe the city fire marshal with authority to require the removal of fire hazards and to investigate fires occurring within the scope of his authority. Your city having adopted said ordinance in its entirety, your duties as fire marshal thereunder are to investigate the cause of and all circumstances surrounding every fire occurring in the city of Gainesville by which property has been…

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