The Pumping Situation at Allentown.

Issue 4 and Volume 50.

The Pumping Situation at Allentown. Allentown, Pa., has ordered a 12,000,000-gallon pumping engine. The city expects to pay about $50,000 for what it wants. Councilman Boscom said: “A serious break occurred in the D’Auria pump. The compensator pipe, 30 feet long, which forms the main frame and main base for valves and cylinder, broke, and it would require several thousands of dollars to repair it. The Allentown rolling mills that built the pump, cannot make the necessary casting, hut has offered to assist the city in every possible way to give us the loan of the pattern, etc. There is only one other pump like the D’Auria in this country, and that was built by the Builders’ Iron Foundry of Providence, R. I., for the New Haven, Conn., Water Company, and the patterns were then forwarded here with which to construct the D’Auria. The Providence party sent me a telegram…

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