Issue 4 and Volume 50.

CORRESPONDENCE. TO THE EDITOR: In reading over the several papers read at the recent convention of New York fire chiefs, we note that there has been a mistake made in printing the weight of the loaded car of 3,000 pounds instead of 8,000 pounds. For the benefit of your readers, will you kindly correct this typographical error, and oblige, AM.-LAFRANCE FIRE ENGINE COMPANY, By Joseph A. Webber. A Word from Dublin. To THE EDITOR: Enclosed is check for nty subscription to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. I am exceedingly well pleased to see that you are keeping so alert and vigorous as is evidenced by your excellent journal, which I still read with much interest. I notice you had some hair-raising fires during the y ear, notably Philadelphia, Chicago and the waist lactory fire in your city, besides the big blaze at Coney Island. The last named recalled to memory the…

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