Wichita Water Pressure Too Low for Fires

Issue 6 and Volume 50.

Wichita Water Pressure Too Low for Fires Wichita, Kan , was recently the scene of a disastrous fire In fact, two fires broke out almost simultaneously, causing a total loss of about $100,000 The most disastrous of the two was the burning of the storage building of the Arctic Ice Company, together with its contents, which was composed of eggs, meats, fruits, etc. The fire department was considerably handicapped on account of the low water pressure.In describing the fire, Marshal A. G. Walden says: “The building, which is located about eight blocks east of the central part of the city, covered a ground area of 120 by 100 feet, was three stories high, built about five years ago of brick, with wood interior. The only lire partitions were the old walls which separated the cold storage room from the main portion of the second and third floors. These were brick…

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