Arson Trust in Kentucky.

Issue 7 and Volume 50.

Arson Trust in Kentucky. W. F. Neikirk, state fire marshal for Kentucky, was asked for an expression regarding the recently published reports that there is an organized body which has been committing arson in a number of states, including Kentucky “As far as this state is concerned there is no doubt of it,” said Mr. Neikirk, “we have developed facts which show that fires are being brought about by a regular organization with branches in many localities. While we are not in a position to give any further particulars, several lines are being investigated and we have hopes of developing sufficient evidence to warrant arrests.” Mr. Neikirk has been working in conjunction with Fire Attorney Sullivan, of Chicago, and has also been in touch with the officials of West Virginia and Ohio, who are said to have found local evidences of the existence of an arson conspiracy. There has been…

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