The Buckley Hydraulic Expander.

Issue 7 and Volume 50.

The Buckley Hydraulic Expander. No tool in modern times has created such a widespread interest as the Buckley hydraulic hose coupling expander and hose-testing machine manufactured by the Larkin Manufacturing Company, of Dayton, O. It is indeed a great time and laborsaver, for it attaches couplings to hose almost instantly and does it in exactly the way it should he done. There is no chance of the couplings being put on too tight or not tight enough and then blowing off when in service, for the pressure required to properly put on each size of coupling is plainly stamped on the machine, and there is no chance for error. Any size couplings from the smallest chemical hose coupling to the largest suction hose coupling can be easily and safely put on by this machine. It works by hydraulic pressure in connection with a small hand pump, a few strokes of…

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