New Water System at Hartford.

Issue 7 and Volume 50.

New Water System at Hartford. Hartford, Conn., has reached a plan for her water supply that ought to be sufficient for her needs into the far future. The city has been long in dealing adequately with a matter that is to be so vital to her well being, but the scheme decided upon seems a thorough one The purpose is to go nearly 20 miles to the northwest of the city to the valley in which lies the village of Nepaug in the town of New Hartford. Through this valley flows the Nepaug river, which rises at the foot of the Berkshire Hills in northwestern Connecticut, and empties into the Farmington river in the lower part of Canton. The valley there affords a natural basin, requiring omy the building of two great dams to make it a completely inclosed lake bed. The water is notably pure, its flow ample, and…

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