New Rules for Spokene Firemen.

Issue 9 and Volume 50.

New Rules for Spokene Firemen. These are among the new rules for the fire department of Spokane, Wash., which are now in the hands of City Commissioner Hayden for final approval. It has been twenty years since the fire department has had its rules revised, though from time to time new rules have been sent out in bulletin form. While Commissioner Hayden will make some alterations and amendments the rules will be finally adopted in main as they now stand. Here are some of the things which a fireman in Spokane must and must not do: Must not religion or politics in the stations. Must not receive compensation from private sources without special permission. Except by special permission must not contribute toward making a present to another member or receive such a present. Must not enter a saloon, or bring intoxicating liquors to the station. Must not engage in gambling…

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