Motorizing New York Fire Department.

Issue 9 and Volume 50.

Motorizing New York Fire Department. In the course of another year 100 three-horse teams will have been retired from the service to make way for motor-driven apparatus. One hundred and ten pieces of this are to be purchased, the expenditure approaching $800,000. The reorganization of which this will mark the definite beginning is the most important in the history of the department. Not even the supplanting of man drawn pumps and reels involved so complete a change. And steam is to give way to gasol ne. These examinations and demonstrations will bring to New York perhaps the most extraordinary collection of improved fire-fighting machinery that any city has ever seen, Every type will be represented The tests may even go to the point of sending some of the apparatus out in answer to alarms. The 110 pieces that arc to he ordered will include thirty motor driven hook and ladder…

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