Elmira Reservoir Nearing Completion.

Issue 10 and Volume 50.

Elmira Reservoir Nearing Completion. The Elmira, N. Y., Water, Light and Railroad Company’s new reservoir on West Hill, which was begun in the first part of April, is rapidly nearing completion. The reservoir, which is 220 feet in length, by 200 feet in width, and 18 feet deep, is to be lined throughout with concrete. The side walls have a rim around the top 18 inches in thickness, the wall being 12 inches thick under the rim, and increasing to 21 inches at the base. Great banks of earth will be placed all around this retaining wall to partly bear the immense strain which the weight of the water will make upon it. The water will be forced up to the new reservoir through a 30-inch iron pipe from the pumping station, which is to be situated in the new addition to the filter plant This addition is on the…

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