Issue 10 and Volume 50.

THE MUNICIPAL ENGINEER At a recent meeting of the Institution of Municipal Engineers. Western District, held in Worcester. England, B. Wyand, secretary of the organization, read a paper treating of engineering as a profession. In substance, he said that there no longer exists the need to drive home the fact that municipal engineering is a distinct profession. There was a time when the statement would have been met with a shrug of the shoulder or a curl of the lip. To-day no dispute is possible. The profession is recognized universally. and its separate existence is proved in that the Legislature is the one notable exception that has not yet awakened to the fact that this very lusty infant is among, us and is making vigorous outcry for its rights. The pedigree of this interesting infant is lost in obscurity. Road foremen. inspectors of nuisances, village grocers, expolicemen, drapers and civil…

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