Recent Patents.

Issue 10 and Volume 50.

Recent Patents. 1,000,414. Hose-connector. Charles J. Kintner, New York, N. Y. 1,000.642. Combination hose-coupling and valve. Owen W. Thomas, St. Paul. Minn., assignor of one-half to Gustave F. Kreisel, Hennepin County. Minn. 1,000 856. Continuous filler. Bruce W. Taylor, New York. N. Y. 999,946. Fire-hose coupling, Joseph C. Babst and Henry H. Pierce, Rarnesville, Minn. 1,000,345. Water-elevating apparatus. Olaf A. Roed. Denver. Colo., assignor of one-half to Chas. P. Deatherage, Kansas City, Mo. 999,642. Steam-pump. Burt O. Gage, Warren. Miss., assignor to Warren Steam Pump Co., same place.

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