Suffolk County Firemen Content.

Issue 10 and Volume 50.

Suffolk County Firemen Content. Rain had a restraining effect upon the anticipated success of the 20th annual tournament of the Suffolk County, N. Y., Volunteer Firemen’s Association, held at Amityville, L. I., on August 30. A conservative estimate places the number of visitors at less than 5,000, of whom 2,000 were visiting firemen. The village had made preparations to entertain over 20,000 people. As the procession, which extended at least a mile and a half passed over the soggy ground, the streets became even more muddy, and those who marched in the rear of the column were walking in mud almost up to their ankles. But rot a hit cared they. Naturally, those companies which were attired in white duck trousers fared by far the worse. The various Juvenile Hook and Ladder companies wore “ice cream pants,” but the lads appeared to take genuine boyish pleasure in becoming bespattered with…

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