Firestone Supplies Water for Akron.

Issue 10 and Volume 50.

Firestone Supplies Water for Akron. As illustrating the point that several heads of corporations have recently been trying to make, that some corporations are not without a certain regard for the welfare of the public at large, witness the act of the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, of Akron, O. The great rubber center has recently awakened to the fact that its waterworks would have to shut down for repairs. This knowledge was received by Mayor Sawyer and the other city officials with a great deal of apprehension, and a great deal of scurrying around in search of water. They had about decided to do without it when the news was conveyed to H. S. Firestone, president of the concern which bears his name, who immediately placed at the disposal of the citizens the private pipe line of his company, through which water is brought from a lake some distance…

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