High Pressure System in Portland.

Issue 10 and Volume 50.

High Pressure System in Portland. Plans for a complete system of reinforcing mains for fire protection in the business sections on both sides of the river, in Portland, Ore., accordance with the charter amendment adopted three years ago, have been submitted to the water board by Engineer Clarke. This system will be entirely independent of the Bull Run system, the water to be pumped from the Willamette into the mains by the fireboats in case of fire. The plans provide for throe pumping stations on the west side, the water to he carried in large mains on all streets as far back as Sixth. One pumping station is provided on the east side, to supply the central Past Portland business district with an auxiliary water supply for fire protection as far back as East Sixth street In case of fire in the districts in which the reinforcing mains arc located,…

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