Brief History of Waterworks at Marion, O.

Issue 11 and Volume 50.

Brief History of Waterworks at Marion, O. Owing to the fact that the water main of the Marion, O., Water Company, which leads from the pumping station to the city, was broken on July 21, 1011, while the Little Scioto river was being made deeper and wider, it was believed by Health Officer Addison Bain that their was a possibility of polluted water getting into the main which might endanger the general health of the community. With this idea in view he requested :m investigation by the state board of health. On June 28, L. H. Van Buskirk, a chemical engineer, visited the city and collected samples of the water from different points in the water mains. The analytical results of the sample collected along the distribution system indicated that the present public water supply of Marion to be of satisfactory quality at the present time, for drinking purposes. The…

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