Chief Croker Fire Hose.

Issue 11 and Volume 50.

Chief Croker Fire Hose. The Hudson Mechanical Rubber Company, whose advertisement Will be seen on the inside of this issue, has recently come to the front with a practical fire hose, which has received the indorsement of Chief Edward F. Croker as the only hose coming within his requirements as to what should constitute a practical fire hose. The principal improvements the Hudson company claims for the “Chief Croker” hose are in the cotton packet and tube. The jacket is of a special weave, practically every hit of stretch being eliminated without straining the fabric, thereby reducing the elongation and twist. Many lives have been lost by hose twisting and throwing firemen off ladders and buildings. The construction and adhesion of the rubber tube has also received nearly as much attention as the jacket, the tube being applied in such a manner as to eliminate what is known as “water…

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