Must Pay Quarter Water Rent.

Issue 11 and Volume 50.

Must Pay Quarter Water Rent. The right of the Texarkana, Ark., Water Corporation to make and enforce contracts stipulating that consumers shall pay for a full quarter of a year’s service, even though they cease using water before the expiration of the period, was upheld by Justice of the Peace Higginbotham in a suit that will probably be taken to the Supreme Court of Arkansas for final settlement. The question at issue is one of wide interests in Arkansas, as it strikes at a general practice of water companies. W. J. Fritz was the plaintiff, alleging he applied for water service during May, that he used it up to the latter part of July, when he ordered the service discontinued. He offered in payment for July, asking the return of his $5 deposit, the water company declining the tender of $1. demanding $3 for the quarter’s service. Mr. Fritz sued…

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