Traction for Motor Fire Apparatus.

Issue 11 and Volume 50.

Traction for Motor Fire Apparatus. A novel vehicle which has made its appearance in Springfield. Mass., creates as much surprise as the first horseless fire wagon, some years ago. It is a water tower, with a motor attachment in front, to take the place of horses. This is the latest product of the Knox automobile factory, and was built for the fire department of Springfield. It was invented and designed by with ordinary motor truck construction. We described a complete half cirfle with the frame and the vehicle moved forward one foot, showing that we could drive through the differential and handle the vehicle just as we would with a pair ot horses.” Every city in the country has horsedrawn apparatus of proved worth which does not lend itself to ordinary automobile construction, that by the use of Martin’s device can become motor-driven and thus increase its ruefulness 100 per…

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