Water Rates.

Issue 11 and Volume 50.

Water Rates. The water commissioners in Washington, D. C. are arranging a higher rate, and the consumers are preparing to resist it. In Quincv. Ill., the householder pays 45 cents per thousand gallons and the manufacturer 14.4 cents per thousand gallons, if the latter uses 200,000 or more gallons per month. The Kansas City mannfaeturcr pays 11.16 cents per thousand gallons, if he uses 1,000,000 per month. The Kansas City householder pays 36 cents, 8 cents more than the Alton householder pays. Materially lower water rates in Frankfort, Ky., will be allowed to consumers of the city council adopts the suggestions made by the special committee named to investigate the whole subject of water rates. The committee recommends that a rate of $50 be allowed for fire hydrants and that private consumers be allowed to put in meters on a minimum rate of 50 cents a month, the meter to…

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