Seagrave Motor Apparatus.

Issue 11 and Volume 50.

Seagrave Motor Apparatus. The Seagrave Company, of Columbus. Ohio, has received another contract from the city of Birmingham, Ala., for motor propelled fire department apparatus. This last order consists of six combination hose wagons and chemical engines, equipped with 6 cylinder. 80-horsepower blower cooled Seagrave motors. These motors will have a bore of 5 3/4 inches and a stroke of 6 inches. The hose bodies will carry 2,000 feet of regulation 2 1/2-inch hose hose and they will also be fitted with a 40-gallon copper Seagrave chemical engine, as well as carrying the usual equipment of axes, crowbars, ladders, lanters. etc. The new machines will be used in the down town districts of the city, where the fire service is heaviest. Another feature of this apparatus is that the rear end of the frame will be fitted with an attachment which will take a pole and to which a first…

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