Large Streams From Automobile Fire Engines.

Issue 11 and Volume 50.

Large Streams From Automobile Fire Engines. Many cities purchasing automobile fire engines are equipping them with the Eastman deluge sets and Perfection holders, for which service they are particularly adapted. Eastman deluge sets make possible the producing of large streams to great advantage by automobile pumping engines. This can be done without endangering the machine by placing it too close to the fire, as is the case with other devices. Eastman Deluge sets can be located anywhere lines of hose can be laid, and will produce superior streams over any other method. Samuel Eastman Company, Concord, N. H., have enjoyed a very large trade the past year from not only many of the largest departments in the country, but also from a large number of the smaller cities and towns, and wherever its outfits are used, they are giving the best of satisfaction. The Eastman improved platform for handling large…

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