Pumping Engine Notes.

Issue 11 and Volume 50.

Pumping Engine Notes. The mayor of Lincoln, Neb., has vetoed a city council resolution providing for a new four-stage pump for the waterworks. The city council at Fargo, N. D., has rejected the bids offered on the proposed pump house. There was a $10,000 discrepancy between the city engineer’s estimate and the bid of the contractor. Bethlehem, Pa., town council has authorized the water committee to purchase a 6-inch centrifugal pump and motor at an approximate cost of $2,000, to replace the old pump at the waterworks. The new pump, which will be run by electricity, can be installed in eight weeks. The electric current from the lignt plant to the waterworks pumping station at Gleason. Ark., six miles from Conway, was turned on for the first time last week, and the big motors which will drive the pumps were given a brief but satisfactory test. The electric current is…

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