Issue 13 and Volume 50.

Filtration. Before the Toronto water filtration plant is ready for use, the controllers are planning to enlarge it. City Engineer Rust reports that seven more filter beds can be added to the present twelve at a cost of $420,000. Thirteen beds would cost $710,000. Controller Spence says that when the new electrically driven pumps are in use, the pumping capacity will be 110,000,000 gallons daily. “We have used as much as 00,000,000 gallons per day during the past summer,” said he, “and our filtering capacity is 50,000,000. We need an enlargement of the plant. Seven more beds would give us an added capacity of 28,000,000 gallons daily,” said the mayor. “Practically 80,000,000,” said Controller Ward. “That would be safe. Let us submit a by-law to the people on January 1.” They decided to advise the city council to do so, but it will stand until November. Work was stopped on…

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