Whitehall Had No Water for Fire.

Issue 13 and Volume 50.

Whitehall Had No Water for Fire. Whitehall, N. Y., lost its Y. M. C. A. building, two residences and a big storehouse because there wasn’t any water in the municipal mains to quench a fire. The water system has been running downhill for years, and there has been nothing more serious than talk of improvement by tapping one or more of the mountain ponds near that would have made a disaster like that of last week impossible. A conservative figure on the loss would be $25,000. All that prevented more serious damage was the use of the old Torrent, a hand engine that had been laughed at. When the village steamer went to pieces before it was near a water supply, barge canal employes pulled the Torrent from the corner of a hose house and pumped water from the barge canal and Stopped the fire. People had moved out of…

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