Pumping Engine Notes.

Issue 13 and Volume 50.

Pumping Engine Notes. The new pump at Huron, S. D., is not yet up to the contract requirement of a million gallons a day, but will be when its working parts become adjusted. Another test is to be made. It is the intention to put some repairs on the old pump and keep it as an auxiliary, the cost being estimated at from $2,000 to $2,500. The standpipe is nearing completion, the roof being nearly finished. The leaks have not all been stopped, but will be before the work is accepted. Oxford, Mass., Water Company is preparing to put in two large pumps in the pumping station, to be able to meet any emergency that might arise in the demand for water from the system. The two present pumps in the power station only will handle 350 gallons a minute, running at capacity. The new pumps will be capable of…

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