Compulsory Sprinkling of Basements.

Issue 17 and Volume 50.

Compulsory Sprinkling of Basements. The compulsory sprinkling of basements or cellers, the subject which has been assigned to me, is one that requires a very careful study of each city’s requirements. As the necessity of modern fire protection is so nearly related to, and so closely bound up in the development of automatic sprinklers that to understand the one a study must be made of the other. The automatic sprinkler as of nearly all human progress and achievements in the industrial field it may truly be said that necessity was the mother of invention. The spinning and weaving of the cotton in this country, represents an investment of more capital and gives employment to more people than any other industry, it was the textile industry, with its very inflammable material and high speed machinery that caused the invention of automatic sprinklers, and brought lire protection engineering to its high state…

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