Motor Fire Apparatus

Issue 18 and Volume 50.

Motor Fire Apparatus Mankato, Minn., is considering the purchase of motor-driven fire apparatus. Stockton, Cal., city council has decided to purchase two automobile combination tire machines. St. Joseph. Mo., has recently bought an automobile for Chief Kane, and one for Assistant Chief Knapp. Staunton, Va., last week ordered a Robinson Jumbo triple combination pumping engine from C. J. Cross & Co., 141 Broadway, New York. Chief Lulsdorff, of Mankatoo, Minn., has recommended the purchase of a double tank chemical and hose wagon of motor power at a cost of $5,000. A motor-driven ladder truck is also to be ordered later. Waterbary, Conn., has purchased motor fire apparatus. It is a combination engine and hose wagon, and is equipped with 1,000 feet of hose. It was purchased from the American-La France Co. at a cost of $7,500. Business men in the down town district of Rockford, Ill., have been noticing the…

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