Captain Hagen Killed.

Issue 19 and Volume 50.

Captain Hagen Killed. Capt. James A. Hagen, of Engine 117, found the crew of Engine 106 already on the scene when he reached the Veneer Barrel Company works, a four-story brick building, at 62 Water street, Brooklyn, where an oil stove set fire to a wooden partition about 10 o’clock last Friday night. Hagen instantly ordered his men to the roof, toward which names were making their way up the elevator shaft, and with the captain at them head the men dragged a line of hose up an extension ladder. Flames rose from the upper windows of the building and curled around the coping on the roof, but Hagen and his men held their places, keeping a stream pouring down through an open scuttle into the mass of fire which roared just beneath them. To reach this vantage point they had had to forsake their ladder, though its top rose…

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