Kansas City Water Plant Unprofitable.

Issue 19 and Volume 50.

Kansas City Water Plant Unprofitable. Kansas City’s municipally conducted waterworks has not paid during the first 15 years of municipal ownership. During this period the outlay exceeds the receipts by $265,100.77. This is supported by indisputable figures furnished the fire and water board by David I. White, assessor and collector of water rates. The figures show that notwithstanding the water fund has received, besides the revenue derived from the operation of the waterworks, $8,500,388.46, the sum of $1,152,415.33 cash on account of bonds issued for bordowed money, yet the expenditures exceed the receipts by considerably over $200,000. It is true that the water fund lias paid to the sinking fund the sum of $l.iO,000 in the first three years of. its existence, hut that is every cent, and even then, if this $150,000 was returned to the water fund, the amount of expenditures over receipts in the water fund would…

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